Today, as most Saturdays do, started out as most Saturdays do, except Bruce had abandoned me and Amanda to go sleep with Michael downstairs before we woke up. Traitor. We went out for breakfast (we ate at Cracker Barrel), which we haven’t been able to do together for the past couple weeks. We then picked up a few things at Wal-Mart then we went to Lowe’s to get some planting soil for the spot the azaleas used to be.

Lowe’s was fun. We stood in the line that took the longest then it started raining a little just before we got to the checkout. I went to get the car while Amanda paid, and just as I pulled up it started raining harder. Something took a minute with processing the card, and by then it was pouring. We had stuff in the trunk from Wal-Mart already, so I couldn’t just throw the trunk open and toss the bags of soil in. No, I had to throw open the back door and toss the dirty bags in on our leather seats. By the time I was back in the driver seat I looked and felt as though I’d jumped in a pool with my clothes on. We got soaked at Lowe’s, and we were outside probably less than thirty seconds.

Today was also Free Comic Book Day, where you get to choose three comics from a number of them provided by comic publishers to take home for free. That’s how I got started on reading Invincible two years ago, which I quite enjoy to this day. So we swung by Fanboy Comics. In the few minutes it took us to get from Lowe’s to Fanboy Comics, the rain had subsided quite a bit. Amanda waited and I ran in to choose a couple books.

As we were turning onto Murrayville Road we noticed that nothing seemed to be wet. We seem to live in some odd little weather-protected pocket of Wilmington. After we got home it drizzled a little, but it wasn’t too bad. It was enough that I didn’t have to start working on digging up the final two azalea bushes immediately though. Amanda and I (really mainly Amanda) worked on repotting a few orchids we’d also picked up at Lowe’s.

We went inside after that and I snoozed while Amanda watched some bad Sci-Fi Channel movies. I think that’s what she did anyway- I was asleep. I let her wake me up at 4:00 at which time I went out and struggled with getting the last two azalea bushes up then replanted them in the backyard. I was really glad to be done with that.

Zach Dotsey