Yesterday Jason showed me a Flash game called Fishy, saying it reminded him of the old game Odell Lake that we’d play back in elementary school on the old green and black computers.  In Odell Lake you started off by choosing what kind of fish you wanted to be, then you’d see something coming up ahead of you and decide if you wanted to eat it, ignore it, run away, go shallow or go deep.  Sometimes you’d eat something you didn’t like or get caught by a fisherman or get plucked out of the water by an osprey or get eaten by an otter.  This game Fishy you just move around on the screen and try to eat fish that are smaller than you while dodging bigger ones.  Jason sent me his high score, and when I played before going to bed I ended up getting my fish so big that he took up the entire width of the screen.  I had 87,000-some odd points and my game ended when I was told I’d eaten too much and destroyed the eco-system.  Oh well.

Work was work today.  I got caught up on some things, but there’s still plenty to do.  Around 2:00 Michael and I went to Mayfaire Cinemas to get some tickets for Spider-Man 3.  Michael decided he wasn’t going to go tonight in order to save money, but he went along for the ride.  He ended up changing his mind a while after we got back and went back out to get a ticket for himself.

I finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince after work.  It was actually rather sad and touching.  Amanda got home and we all drove out to Atlanta Bread Company to meet Adam and Renee and Mike Runkle, all of whom I’d gotten tickets for.

Mike Runkle is the father of Adam’s oldest friend, Joe Runkle.  He’s in town to go to a submarine memorial tomorrow so he was hanging out with Adama and Renee.  He was wearing a Carolina shirt, for which I had to give him a little crap.
Anyway, we grabbed a bite to eat and decided to go on over to the theater before Adam, Renee and Mike finished their food in order to get some seats all together.  It’s a good thing we did because the movie had sold out.

I liked Spider-Man 3.  I don’t think it was as good as the last one, but there was some good innovative action and the effects, particularly with Sandman, were impressive.  I think the problem with it was that they put so much into it that it didn’t seem to have quite as much heart as the previous movies.  But it was good.

Michael had found another Flash game on, the same game we were playing Fishy on, called Boomshine.  In it you start a sort of explosion and try to have that explosion trigger other explosions to clear off a certain number of dots.  Anyway, I was playing it before we left for the movie and Amanda got a little hooked on it before she went off to bed.  I spent a little time looking at other Flash games and found one I dug creatively titled Tower Defense.  You set up a bunch of towers to fire at these dots that try to invade your castle.  There are different kinds of towers you can set up and upgrade while the dots get stronger every turn.

Zach Dotsey