This week is finally over. This was the first time all week that I stopped working before 7:00. I decided to go work at The Connection today, which I haven’t done in quite a while. I was there from about 10:00 until about 3:30.

After work I printed up a picture for Ben Lambeth for his birthday. (Normally I wouldn’t announce something like that, but I’m actually typing this on the way to Durham in the back of the Mercer van on Saturday morning, and since Ben and Jessica are going there too I know there’s no way they’ll see this before we give it to him.) The picture I printed up is from the fishing trip Ben and I took to Portsmouth Island with Amanda’s dad, Phil Mercer, and his friend, Danny. It’s a picture that Ben has been encouraging me to submit to a contest or to Our State Magazine.

We went to Target to pick up a frame then filled up on gas at Sam’s. We had a little time to waste so we stopped by Best Buy to see about picking up a movie to watch on the way up to Durham tomorrow, but we didn’t end up getting anything.

We headed off to Studio 3 after that. Port City Community Church was having a get together to show appreciation for all the volunteers, and since I am one, we went.

We had a good time there. We saw Elliot Clark and Melissa Nicholson and Matt and Melissa Davis and mostly hung out with them. They had a lot of snacks and such and some giveaway prizes, including a Nintendo Wii. After things wound down a bit and people were heading out Amanda and I went over to a place where they had set up a game of Guitar Hero II on a PlayStation. Mike Paschal and Kirsten, other production people like me, were playing. We helped them figure out how to play before we showed them how it was done. Amanda and I played a duel on Carry On Wayward Son. She kicked my tail, but to be fair she played on medium and I played on hard. After we played two of the guys who play in the band did it and they really got into it.

When we left I saw that my cousin, David Cherryholmes, had called. Apparently he and Xusha had thought about going to Bodies tomorrow but couldn’t make it, so he was calling to make plans with us for later tomorrow. We’re heading back after we go to the exhibition, so we won’t see them.

There are a lot of people going tomorrow. It’s going to be me and Amanda, Michael, Adam and Renee, Amanda’s parents, my parents, Ben and Jessica, Andra Josh and Jackson, and, we just heard tonight, Amanda’s grandparents and my Aunt Reggie. Amanda and I looked up group rates, but they don’t offer discounts on the weekends.

Zach Dotsey