Work was killer! On top of everything Scott’s sick.

Amanda had a headache. We watched some Ghost Hunters. Really not much to talk about today.

Andra called earlier today. She and Josh were taking Jackson to Carrowinds today. She also mentioned that her mother-in-law, Paige, checks this site out sometimes and that she really likes me and Amanda. We like you too, Paige.

There’s something else I’ve been meaning to mention since last week. Karen Mercer, Amanda’s mom, had a lump on her breast recently. It was serious enough that they sent her to an oncologist pretty quickly. Long story short, it disappeared. They couldn’t find a trace of it. Karen told them of had been prayed away. Amanda and Michael were annoyed that Karen hadn’t told them until the other day when Karen came to our house, although Amanda and I had already heard. We won’t reveal our source. Karen just didn’t want to have anyone worry over her.

At the same time, Anna, Karen’s sister, had something show up on one of her lungs. That turned out to just be a shadow, but there was some worry of course.

Zach Dotsey