A few weeks ago when Amanda and I went to Kyle and Lorin Van Zandt’s apartment, Amanda made a comment while Kyle and I were talking about things we’d downloaded from the internet.  She said something like: “Look at those good Christian boys talking about illegally downloading things from the internet.”  She said it just to tease, but it’s been on me ever since.

Tonight’s small group discussion was about the love of “things” and the effect they have on you and giving or letting go.  And so, since I’d been thinking about it for a while and I’d made a declaration about it, I deleted about twenty gigabytes of MP3s from my computer tonight.  It was not an easy thing.  There were lots of things I haven’t listened to in forever, many of which I kept for sentimental reasons or because they reminded me of different times in my life.  There were a lot, too, that I really liked and listened to often.  I guess the Old 97’s (a group unknown to anybody in our small group) will finally get some money from me.  And building my CD collection back up will make it easy to buy Christmas gifts for me for the next few years at least.

Work was hard today.  I don’t think I was able to bother Josh with as much stuff as yesterday, but we both stayed really busy anyway.  I got a lot done, but there’s still plenty to do.

So that was pretty much all of my day today, except I went to pick up the part of my check that Scott had forgotten to add onto it.  Of course I went right out and spent it because we needed to get some more heartworm/flea and tick medicine for Bruce and that ate up almost all of the check.  Speaking of which, we’re a bit low on funds at the moment.  It’s not as bad as I initially though, but I can’t wait for Friday to come so I’ll be a little less worried.  Amanda’s doing well with the fact that we have an amount in the bank below our current comfort level.  It used to be that she’s worry herself half to death about such things.  She’s hardly mentioned it at all.  The main issue is that we spent more money this weekend than we should have and we haven’t fully adjusted to losing the help Michael provided when he lived here.

No worries though- we’re able to pay all the bills and we’ll be able to pay the mortgage when that comes due.

Zach Dotsey