I read today that Mike Wieringo died recently. He was 44 and apparently in a generally decent shape but died of heart failure. Mike Wieringo was a comic book artist. His style was a bit cartoony for my tastes, but I liked some of the stuff he did. He lived in the area, well, the area I grew up in, and so I saw him at some comic conventions now and then when I went to them and have a few things signed by him. I think he worked at Red Storm, where my friend Chris Reeves worked, for a while. There’s going to be a service for him at Hall-Wynne downtown in Durham, which is where Pup Pup’s was.

Work was ridiculously busy today. I right much skipped lunch and worked until about 7:30. I feel like I’m bugging Josh a lot as we’re splitting Tim’s management duties while he’s on vacation this week. He doesn’t make me feel that way, but there are a number of processes I’m not up on that I need help with, and since he’s normally busy enough anyway I just hate to put any more on him.

Some Jehovah’s Witnesses came by today. Apparently they were surprised that a guy my age who was home during the day already knew at least a little about the Bible and regularly attends church.

We ate leftovers tonight and saw that the penultimate episode of On the Lot was on so we watched that. After that went off I showed Amanda the musical slideshow on the TV. It was nice, I thought, looking at a bunch of old pictures like that. She went to bed and I watched this week’s episode of Entourage. There wasn’t much on so I decided to check out more of Flight of the Conchords on HBO on Demand. I’ve seen an episode or two before and liked it pretty well. It’s a comedy about two New Zealander musicians. It’s a good show and the music, while being a bit silly in theme sometimes, is actually pretty good. It’s stuff you could maybe listen to, and they cover just about every genre it seems.

I found out today that Annie and Rick Titus, along with their son Charlie, have bought a townhouse in or near Adam’s Farm in Greensboro. I’m really happy for them. It’s even got a basement. Rick told me they plan to live there for five years or so, finish the basement then sell it and move into a house. That’s exciting for them.

I signed up for a Facebook account today for the hell of it. My buddy Jason Revill said he read that rich white kids were abandoning MySpace for Facebook so he decided to check it out. My sisters both are on it, as is my cousin Roger, and Hannah, Amanda’s cousin, recently said that she mostly uses that site now too. It’s funny how popular these social network sites are now. The first one, Friendster, is hardly ever even talked about anymore.

Zach Dotsey