Work just doesn’t seem to want to slow down, which, today, wasn’t a bad thing.  Today was a pretty good day for me at work.

I woke up today and found that I didn’t have any clean underwear, so I threw all of the underwear I could find into the washer and threw on some shorts for the day.  Unfortunately, I forgot to put some on before I left for the gym and didn’t realize it until I was halfway there.  So I just made sure to be careful.

Speaking of the gym, I used my iPhone as my MP3 player today and yesterday.  Works rather nicely, and the included earbud headphones fit quite nicely.  The navigation and all is nicer than my iPhone’s, being a touchscreen and all.  It even shows the album cover art and you can flip through the albums like a slideshow.  I really like my iPhone.

Scott asked me today if I’d had a chance to look at cases for it.  I told him that I’d stopped by the Apple Store and looked at a few this weekend when we were at Southpoint this weekend and I really liked the one he’s got because it has a place where you can store the headphones on it.  I also want to get a car charger.

Amanda and I watched the finale of On the Lot.  The winner was Will Bigham, an early favorite because he has two small daughters and wanted to make a go of this because, at this stage in his life, it was now or never.  We didn’t watch the show religiously at all, but Will Bigham seemed like a good guy, so I hope he does well.

After that we watched part of Beauty and the Geek.  Writing this, I’m hating that we watch as many reality shows as we do, but we could make worse mistakes I guess.  In this one one of the geeks made out with one of the beauties.  Mario, the affable chubby guy, and Nadia, the cute sorority chick, got eliminated.  While making sure I got her name right I found out that the show is in rerun and the cast page showed who won already.  I won’t spoil it for Amanda, but at least the girl I like the least didn’t win.  That was Cecille.  She was mean-spirited and had a lot of fake on her.  She and her partner, Nate, ended up getting to the finale, but they lost to Scooter and Megan.  Megan’s cute-ish, but Jennylee, a UFC ring girl and the one who made out with Nate, was the cutest one, I thought.  She and Niels are going home next week, apparently.

Right now I’m watching The Company, which is a miniseries on TNT about the CIA in the Cold War.  It’s got Michael Keaton, Alfred Molina and Chris O’Donnell.  The first and the last have both aged a bit since I last saw them on anything.  Hey, they were both in Batman movies too.  Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne in the first two Batman movies, of course, and Chris O’Donnell in the Joel Schumacher crapfests.  Anyway, The Company is very well produced.

Zach Dotsey