I’ve been playing chess against the computer for what seems like all night, and the best I’ve come up with so far was a stalemate.  I just now finally got tired of it.

Today was a decent day at work.  I felt like I got a lot done.  Two things in particular that I felt good about were getting four new sites set transferred to our servers and a conversation I had with someone about a popular service we provide.  They might end up switching their hosting to us as well.  There wasn’t anything particularly special about the conversation- I just felt it went well.  Very natural and easy.

Small group was tonight.  Everybody was here but Elliot and Melissa.  Elliot called around 5:00 to say that he had been working in Greensboro today and was not only still there, but had to be there in the morning, so he was staying up there.  Can’t say as I blame him.

I forgot to mention that I called Baba and Pap yesterday on the way home from the gym.  Aunt Terry answered the phone, which confused me for a second.  She was in Lexington from Florida to help my grandparents out.  I talked to her for a minute then talked to Baba for a bit.  She gave me the number of the place where Pap is staying for his physical therapy and told me that he’s able to walk farther than he has been, so he’s doing well with it.  My grandfather’s knees, if I haven’t mentioned it, are not the best.

I talked to Andra a bit tonight.  Andra Sawyer.  That’s still a little funny sounding to me.  Anyway, we were chatting about things Jackson does or says and she told me that she asked him if he wanted a little brother or sister.  He told her, “No, not yet, Mommy.”  She asked if he wanted to be an only child and he said no, so she told him he’d have to have a little brother or sister.  And he said again, “No, not yet, Mommy.”

Zach Dotsey