I was looking forward to this week since I’m off on Friday and I figured a lot of people will be gearing up for the long Labor Day weekend.  The day ended up being pretty dang busy though.  I was wiped by the end of the day and didn’t feel like going to the gym.

I bought some meat today.

Amanda and I just took the evening easy.  We watched The Soup, played around with some chess on the computer (and finally won a game!) and watched The Pickup Artist.  Tonight they sent the guy home who I thought looked like Pete Crispell, a guy I went to high school with.

I’m watching the USA Men’s Basketball team beat up on Mexico in the North America semi-finals.  Last year Team USA didn’t do too well, and much was made of how far they’d fallen from the Olympic Dream Team.  This year they’re just killing it.  The average margin of victory is over forty points.  Maybe it has something to do with Coach Mike Krzyzewski.  (Yes, the Hall of Fame Duke Blue Devils coach that the players laud praises upon.  I haven’t checked for the rabid Tar Heel fans’ reaction.)  Maybe it has to do with the ridiculous amount of talent on the team.  Maybe it’s a bit of both.  Right now USA is keeping just a twenty-something point lead.

Speaking of the Olympics, half of Greece is on fire right now.  There’s been a crazy wildfire (or some crazy wildfires) spreading around the country, possibly due to arson.  I read yesterday that the fire was near the site of the original Olympics and the area is in danger.

Zach Dotsey