My week of hardship continues.  Today was just tough.  The phone rang off the hook and there was just so much to get done.  I had to teach someone how to copy and paste and explain how it worked so they’d just friggin’ do it, and that was the point at which I decided I deserved a beer sometime after work.

I went to the gym after work.  Amanda made two cheesecakes- one for tomorrow night’s small group (our turn for dessert) and one for Bonnie and Dave Narron.  Bonnie tends to watch Bruce when we go out of town and she’ll be watching him this weekend (plus taking care of Cobb and Mooo!, whom Michael will be bringing by).  Sure we’ve taken care of her cats a few times, and sometimes Bonnie will call and see if I can let her dog, Cream, out during lunchtime, but they’ve watched Bruce for several days before, so we wanted to thank them.

That was pretty much it for the day.  I picked up some Chick-Fil-A after the gym (and had a beer with my dinner) then Amanda played chess while I watched Entourage then she gave up the computer and I played Medieval 2: Total War while she flipped around the TV.  We ended up watching a bit of Beauty and the Geek.  Nate and Jenny Lee had to face off against each other and Nate’s team beat them out.  He came and said good bye to her during her exit interview, which was really sweet.  Nate and Cecille end up winning, which is cool because Nate seems like a nice guy, but sucks because Cecille is stuck way too far up her own ass.  I mean the girl has a disgusting personality.  She’s just so fake and superficial and shallow.

Zach Dotsey