When oh when will this week be over?

I guess after work tomorrow, for me and Amanda at least.  Work was pretty grueling again today, even if I did start the day with a car inspection.  Of course that just put me back a bit.  After I got my inspection I went to work at the Port City Java on College, the one at the Harris Teeter.  I just wanted a change of scenery.  I also picked up a case for my iPhone.  Scott’s paying me back for any accessories I get for it.  I also want to get a car charger.

Back to work though.  It wasn’t as tough as yesterday, although the phone was as busy.  Part of what’s tough on me right now is that we’re restructuring the design department.  It will make it so that we’re able to help our clients more quickly and efficiently.  The problem with it is that to make sure it’s done right we’re going to be scaling back a lot of production so our efforts can be focused on this restructuring.  That pushes back a lot of the things people want from me.

Eh, whatever I guess.

Small group was pretty nice tonight.  Kristen Barriner dropped off dinner, which was a cheesy chicken lasagna, this morning and Amanda and I put it in the oven this evening.  It was really good.  Amanda also made a cheesecake, but instead of a graham cracker crust she tried using cookie dough.  It was awesome.  Other than that, Elliot and Melissa made it this week, but Kyle and Lorin didn’t.  Kyle had left a message that Lorin was just exhausted from her first week of teaching school.

The message at church this week was about servitude and volunteerism.  Since half of us there already volunteer at Port City Community Church and the discussion lesson was about two lines over a page, so we made it a social and played a game Amanda picked up at Target this evening called Imaginiff.  It was really pretty fun.  Basically, a person rolls and lands on someone’s name then has to read a question, putting that person’s name in a blank.  So for example, one question might be “Imaginiff Amanda was an 80’s movie.  Would she be…”  And then it lists six options.  Everyone then picks their favorite answer and the people who guess the most popular answers get to move towards the finish line.  It was pretty fun.

After everyone left I spent about an hour on the phone with Rick Titus.  He got me to play this turn-based online game called UltraCorps.  I played a few solo games a few months back, but Rick was giving me tips on a massive multiplayer game I’d joined yesterday that he and I are both a part of.

For some reason, that reminded me that Michael stopped by today.  He came over and put his clothes in the laundry before I’d gotten back home, but I got back while his clothes were in the dryer.  He had stepped out to grab some lunch and we chatted a bit while he waited for his clothes to dry.

One more day.

Zach Dotsey