Woke up and started packing for beach.
Took the car to Dave Narron’s shop then dropped Bruce off at his and Bonnie’s. He was looking at us cutely as we left.
Michael was supposed to be at our place around 11:00, couldn’t get in touch with him until after 11:30. Was going to ride with us but we left because we were supposed to pick up keys at noon. Amanda wasn’t happy. Anna Frazelle called while she was on phone with Michael and heard Amada talking to Michael- brought it up joking later on.
Off to the 2007 Labor Day Beach Vacation.  Were able to get up with Peggy and Earl, they picked up keys.  We got to the house and helped them unpack.
Were about to go across the street to other beach house where we’re staying when Patsy, Bobby, Tripp and Anna Hawkins got here.  We got first pick, upstairs bedroom.
Were unpacking when Terry and Kyle got here.   Joanne and Pierre too.
Went out on beach.  Played Bocce with Michael and Terry, Michael won.  Played in the water, threw lots of seaweed with Amanda, Michael, Kyle, Terry, Tripp and Anna Hawkins.
Went inside, played some Rummy.  Ryan arrived.  Played a few games of War with Michael and some Paper Rock Scissors, plus drew random cards to see who had higher.  He won at all those from War on.
Frazelles came including Hannah’s boyfriend Christian.
Dinner.  Jon Denise and theirs came. Met little Caileigh Dawn, 5.5 months, for the first time.
Went out on the dark beach, took some pier pictures.
Played Imaginiff- Michael won that too, then Amanda, then me.
Played Risk with Michael and Ryan.  Looked like Ryan would win but I did.

Zach Dotsey