Didn’t sleep great. Got up about 8:00 and nada nice shower before heading over to the main beach house (The Oceanic) for breakfast and such.
Hannah had to work- only asked for the day off the day before. Christian left with her.
A bunch of us went down to the beach and eventually were in the water. Michael and I picked on Kirsten. Amanda and I beat Michael and Kirsten at a game of Chicken.
Hung out on beach all day. Won a game of Bocce.
Made a sand city with Michael and Ryan. Younger kids took over.
Saw a shark in shallow waters from the shore- fin in the water and saw it in the waves. Maybe four feet long. Tripp and I saw when we asked a group what they were looking at, everyone else missed it.
Anna got sick. Fudge?
Shower then fish dinner. Hannah made me a turkey sandwich since neither of us wanted the fish.
Amanda, Michael, Ryan, Hannah, Kirsten, Matt, Jonathan and I played Apples to Apples at newer condo. Jonathan won.
Played Pictionary back at The Oceanic with all the above plus Karen, Joanne and Terry sans Hannah and Kirsten. Random teams- me and Michael won (of course). Amanda and Karen made late run.
Went back to other house, Anna with us. Amanda to bed, Risk rematch from last night. Ryan and I fought over Australia and Asia so Michael killed us.
In football news, Appalacian State beat Michigan in a dramatic game. First time ever that a ranked Division I team was beat by a non-Division I team.

Zach Dotsey