I started off the day with a meeting that I wasn’t particularly looking forward to.  The main reason for my apprehension was the fact that I normally start work at 9:00 but, to make this client happy, agreed to an 8:00 meeting.  I was pretty tired last night anyway, so I had no problem getting up after Amanda got out of the shower and getting on my way.  I was a couple minutes late (I called to tell the answering machine), but the client was half an hour late, which, honestly, was a bit annoying.  The meeting went well though.

After I got out I checked my mail and saw that another client in the area was trying to send some images, but the files were too big so I told her I’d meet her at her store and pick up a CD if she’d put all the files on one.  She said that sounded great, but she wouldn’t be there for about an hour.  Since I was so close to the beach I figured I’d stop by there and do some work while looking at the water.  I parked, as Amanda and I always do, at the Frazelle house.  I thought I’d knock on the door just to let Anna know I was there.  She answered the door and invited me in.  Hannah was there too as they were scheduling some things for next week.  They were about to grab some Chick-Fil-A for breakfast, so I tagged along since there wasn’t a lot going on in e-mail world.

We ate.  I had a nice time hanging out with them.  The other client called as I was finishing eating, and since Anna needed to stop by a place in the same shopping center, we went on over there and took care of our separate businesses.  We headed on back to the Frazelle house after that, at which point I got back in the car and headed on home and did a bunch of work for the rest of the day.

I went to the gym after work.  I saw Amanda pass me on Kerr, but she didn’t see me.  When I got home we watched the finale of last season’s Beauty and the Geek.  Apparently I’d mistaken who won, which was a nice surprise because we didn’t like the girl in the couple I thought won.

Zach Dotsey