Woke up this morning, got yourself a gun. Mother always said you’d be the Chosen One.

I’m not sure why I wrote that other than the only thing I could think to type was “woke up this morning,” and as everyone knows, that’s the opening line to A3’s Woke Up This Morning, which is the theme song for The Sopranos.

So I woke up this morning, went to the bathroom, took a shower, ate some cereal while finishing Book II of Psalms then got to work and worked until after 4:00, at which point I remembered I needed to drop a check off at the bank. It was a dividend check that miraculously came from our insurance agency. Bruce went with me.

I came on back and worked until about 5:30 or so then Amanda and I headed off to Rucker Johns, where we had decided to have a dinner for small group tonight. Rob Peterson was sick yesterday and Kristen Barriner said he wasn’t feeling better today and, to top it off, she was starting not to feel very good. The rest of us went on out there though and had a nice time just talking and hanging out. It was our first time at Rucker Johns. The food was good and decently priced.
According to a show on the History Channel ecstasy was once used in marriage counseling. That’s interesting.

Something Amanda ate wasn’t agreeing with her very much, so we couldn’t get home soon enough. It reminded me of one time when we’d gone out to eat downtown with Chris and Dave Mowbray and Kelia and John Pless. We were going to go to the Mowbray house afterwards but I almost exploded by the time we got to our house, which wasn’t too far away. Literally. I almost exploded. Man, what a relief it was to get inside the house. That feeling was what I was thinking of when I walked into the house and saw Amanda’s things flung on the floor.

It took me a minute longer to get into the house because I was checking the air pressure in the Jetta’s tire. It seems to be doing fine between the plug and the Fix-A-Flat. I just needed to add some air to adjust it from when I did put in the Fix-A-Flat.

I’m catching up on episodes of Flight of the Conchords. HBO On Demand rocks.

Here’s something gross that just happened.  I was walking down the dark hallway to go to the bathroom when I heard a sort of popping sound and felt something give way under my foot, like there had been a bubble in the bamboo hardwood floor.  I turned on the light and found that I’d stepped on a bug of sorts.  Ick.  I finished my business, washed my foot then disposed of the offending insect.  Then I cleaned up the slight mess it left on the floor.

Zach Dotsey