Well, well, well, what of today?

I read last night that Apple has decided to suddenly reduce the price of the iPhone. They’re dropping the 8 gigabyte version $200 and phasing out the 4 gigabyte one. I don’t mind, as I didn’t pay a penny for mine, but a lot of people are upset. It’s not that people didn’t think the price would go down at some point, but for one thing nobody expected it to go down that much in two months. The biggest gripe seems to be that usually when a price drop occurs a newer and better product has come out. Not so in this case. There were a lot of pissed off people at this news. It’s not like the iPhone was not selling well- it’s been the top-selling smartphone.

I asked Scott Hendrix, my boss (who bought two iPhones) what he thought about it. His response was “Oh well.” He did forward me a statement from Steve Jobs tonight though which said that Apple was going to give some Apple Store credit to people who bought the iPhone before the price reduction. It’s a nice gesture I guess.
Overall it seems a stupid thing to do. Sales were good, feedback was good, and they made a lot of brand-faithful people feel as though they’d been slapped in the face.

This morning I read that Luciano Pavarotti had died. Liver cancer was it? Cancer of some sort I think.

Work was work. I can’t seem to get totally caught up.

I passed Amanda on the way to the gym. She waved at me, I honked at her. My workout was decent. It was a legs day. I’ve been doing a lot of abs lately. I’ll do three sets of 50 on one crunch machine, 90 inclined crunches, I guess you’d call them; 30 to one side, 30 to the other then 30 leaning back. I guess that last one isn’t an ab workout so much as it is a lower back workout, but still. And then I do a bunch of crunches on an Ab Roller-like machine. Today I did a total, between those three exercises, of 400 crunches. If I ever get around to eating right, maybe I’ll get a six-pack one of these days. I am doing at least a mile and a half or fifteen minutes on the treadmill every day too, whichever is longer.

I came home expecting to have Bruce greet me at the door. I gave a bit of a start when a head about three times higher than Bruce’s and about the size of my own dog appeared when I opened the door. Amanda was watching Cream for Bonnie, our neighbor across the street. I’m not sure what the deal was exactly but her car had broken down and she and her husband Dave were trying to get it to Sears and there was some guy who was supposed to meet them at their house for something or other. I don’t know all the details, but they knew they wouldn’t be home in a while so Bonnie asked Amanda if she’d mind taking care of Cream for a bit.

Cream was cute. Several times she tried acted like she was going to get on the couch with us. She went so far as to put her front paws up. See, Cream is a big dog, and it’s not like our ten-pound Bruce getting in our laps. But she was nice and well-behaved. When I made a sandwich she tried shaking her paw with me so I’d give her a bit, which was cute but didn’t work. She and Bruce both watched me intently as I ate it.

Other than that we just chilled and watched Ghost Hunters. After Amanda went to bed I watched the Colts dismantle the Saints in the NFL regular season opener. I think it was 41-10. One of the teams in my fantasy football league got 77 points just off that game. Then, since it was coming on and there wasn’t really anything else on, I watched X-Men: The Last Stand (or X-Men 3 if you will).

Zach Dotsey