Work work work. I’m glad it’s the weekend now.

I talked to my dad briefly this evening.  He was on the way to Gastonia to help his baby girl (that would be my sister, Andra Sawyer) and her hubby put up a fence around their backyard.  We talked for a little bit, and he told me that Uncle Bill, that would be my mom’s uncle, my great-uncle, the brother of my grandfather, Pup Pup, has cancer.  Apparently it’s the same thing Pup Pup had.  He’s been given about a year.  I don’t know if I’d rather have it that way, where you’ve got all this time, or if I’d rather have it like Pup Pup, who died about a week after being diagnosed.  Sucks either way of course.  I hate cancer.  It’s not that I really know Uncle Bill- I think I’ve met him twice (once being the first time Amanda was introduced to my family), but still, you hate to hear that, especially for someone related.
I got an e-mail from Matt Davis today, asking if Amanda and I were going to Square One. Square One is a married couples night sponsored by Port City Community Church. We’d never been to one before, which is what I replied to Matt. But since they were going and we didn’t have anything to do, I figured we’d go check it out.

It was alright. The best thing about it was just hanging out with people. We saw Paul and Kim Ayars, who were in our small group a while back. Congratulations to them, as Kim is about two months pregnant now! The baby is due on my sister Erin’s birthday. They seem to both be doing well.

We sat with Matt and his wife Melissa. The night was pretty much just Mark Tippett and his wife talking about communication. There’s a series of four of these things, according to what Mark said. Maybe we’ll go to the others. Like I said, the socializing was nice.

On the way there Amanda and I stopped at Best Buy and picked up Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. We thought about getting it before, but it was about $20 and I knew it would be on sale for less at some point. Lo and behold, we saw on Sunday when we were at Topsail that it was on sale for $10, so we got it. Amanda also got the newer Maroon 5 album, which she has thought about getting for a while. We were going to put it on and fall asleep watching it tonight after we got home but we couldn’t. We let Amanda’s brother, Michael Mercer, borrow our DVD player when my brother, Adam Dotsey, gave me back the old Xbox I let him use when he needed a DVD player. Unfortunately though, I couldn’t find the power cord.

Zach Dotsey