Went to church this morning. We didn’t see any of the people we generally go out to breakfast with, but we grabbed some IHOP afterwards anyway. We did see Melissa Nicholson, Elliot Clark’s wife. The two of them often help with the greetings and collections at the 8:30 service, but Melissa told us that Elliot didn’t get much sleep at all last night so he wasn’t there. We ended up sitting behind Tall Guy and his wife as we often do. Actually they came in a few minutes late and when we were all greeting people around us he apologized for sitting in front of us. I told him we were used to it. We often end up sitting behind Tall Guy and his wife. They always sit with this other lady and sometimes a guy who comes with her. Our latest theory is that the lady is Tall Guy’s wife’s sister because she had a little girl with her today (who looked just like her- no mistaking who her momma is) and Tall Guy and his wife were very affectionate with her.

So then, like I said, we went to IHOP. Amanda was wearing the white dress her grandma bought her yesterday and it looked really nice on her. While we were waiting there was a couple who was also waiting and the woman was complaining about the wait. It really wasn’t much of one. I mean, we probably weren’t there ten minutes before we were seated. But this woman, who was wearing a sour expression the whole time, talked about wanting to go somewhere else. I was like, “Woman, it’s Sunday morning. What did you expect going out to eat on a Sunday morning?” If they’d gone anywhere else they’d have had to wait even longer because then even more churches would be out. Idiot. It was kind of entertaining listening to her.

Our waitress was particularly nice, which is good because service there is really hit or miss. Sometimes they’re really slow, sometimes they’re about right. Sometimes we get a waitress who acts like she’s grudgingly doing us a favor, sometimes we get one who’s nice and chatty. She told us she was worried about the rain today. We were expecting a tropical storm and lots of rain all day, and she rode a scooter to work.

It didn’t end up raining, I should go ahead and say. Yeah, it looked like it rained some last night, maybe early this morning, but it didn’t rain at all today. This tropical storm didn’t do anything, and the surfers were all a bit let down by it. I was a bit let down too, but mainly because I was all built up to expect this wind and rain- nothing major as a tropical storm isn’t something that bothers me, but I’m generally awed by a nice display of weather. I got nothing, so I was a little let down.  I’m not asking for hurricanes mind you, just a bit of wind and rain.

After IHOP we went back home to let Bruce out. I pulled up some of the remnants of the weeds I pulled up yesterday then Amanda and I took apart our tile table outside (we just removed the tiles and turned the table upside down in the grass) then sacked up the chairs and brought in some lamps. This was all in preparation of some relatively high winds which, as you’ve already read, never came.

We went to Anna and Barry Frazelle’s afterwards. We dropped off a chair that Amanda’s grandparents were going to take to them yesterday along with a card from them and Pictionary, which they’d left at Topsail last weekend. Anna had had a headache all weekend (probably from the pressure of the storm that passed us by) and Barry had just recently come in from surfing. They were about to go out to eat, but since we already had, Amanda and I went for a walk on the beach. The sky was pretty so I’d taken my camera and snapped a few shots while we was out there. Generally after storms, or when one has been offshore, there are lots of shells washed up on the beach so Amanda was on the lookout for conchs and sand dollars. We founds parts of some, but one lady we saw had found a couple of both, and another guy we saw had found a number of conchs by the jetty.

We went home and mostly vegged out after that. We watched… something, I can’t remember what now, then Amanda played some chess while I watched the Chargers play the Bears, which I watched mainly because I have two Chargers on my fantasy football team, including LaDainian Tomlinson (whom everyone picked as their number one fantasy draft pick). He didn’t do much until the end of the game. My bench players scored a lot of points, but as the games are winding down I look to be in good shape. The score for my game this week is currently 108-49. I’ve got a running back, a wide receiver and a kicker left to play and my opponent, one of my brother-in-law Josh Sawyer’s brothers I think, has his quarterback and tight end left to play. I should do alright.

Amanda, throughout the day, changed from her new white dress to jeans and a shirt to the blue dress she wore Friday night and for breakfast with Amy and Tiffany yesterday then into a t-shirt for jammies. That’s a lot of clothing changes, although in all fairness, I did ask her to put on the blue dress.

Amanda and I played a couple chess games together versus the computer tonight. We won the second one.

Oh, I just remembered. It was Clueless that we watched before football. In my defense I was mostly playing on the iPhone when Amanda turned it on. She teased me that I was watching it, but ya know, it’s not like I’d never seen it before.

Zach Dotsey