The Bengals are just now finishing a pretty good game against the Ravens.  Since I’ve got Rudi and Chad Johnson, I was going for the Bengals.  There were some funny calls at the end.  My fantasy football team (the Frenzied Fornicators is their name, by the way) is winning 139-47.  The team I’m playing still has a tight end to play, but I don’t think he’ll make up that spread.

I met Amanda for lunch today at Temptations, a salad and sandwich place across from Independence Mall.  It’s pretty close to where I pick up my paycheck, and sometimes when I’m over that way we’ll meet up for lunch.  Work was pretty busy, or at least there was plenty for me to do.  After I got back I had a video conference with Tim Henrich to discuss the direction we were taking the design department.  This was the first time I used a webcam.  This new laptop of mine has one built in, and aside from AIM not realizing I’d shut it down and thinking the webcam was being used by some other program, it worked nicely.

Amanda asked what I felt like for dinner on her way home and I told her, after some though, hotdogs.  Amanda doesn’t like hotdogs at all, but she picked some up for me anyway.  I was working late and she went so far as to fix a couple dogs for me too.  She’d picked up a can of baked beans because she felt like having some, so I had beanie weenies for dinner.  Great stuff.

I talked to my friend Jason Revill for a bit today, and he told me that on Friday he’d accidentally locked himself out of his house.  He didn’t have his keys and he didn’t have his phone.  He tried using a phone in the garage but it didn’t have a dial tone, so he ended up just sitting outside for six hours with absolutely nothing to do.  It was 90 degrees out, which is nice because that’s cooler than it has been lately.  I asked him about going to a neighbor’s house to use the phone, and he said he thought about that, but he figured if he fell on the way down the hill he’d have just been in the ditch for six hours instead of sitting in a chair.

Bruce was really cute today.  When I walked Amanda to her car after lunch she gave me an old rawhide chew that was in the pocket of the driver-side door and told me to give it to Bruce.  This evening he was scurrying all over the place trying to find places to hide it.  He went upstairs and waited for one of us to go up there and put him on the bed, but he came back down a few minutes later and tried burying it in the blanket on the couch he always rests under.  He also tried burying it in another blanket we keep folded up under an end table.  I’d never seen him get on that before, so it was funny and cute.  He even wanted to go outside to hide it, finally deciding to bury it under some dirt and pine straw.  He seemed satisfied with that then went back inside, but then he wanted to go back out again.  We kept watching him, but he wouldn’t do anything, I guess because he didn’t want to let us know where he’d hidden his rawhide chew.  When we walked away and pretended not to be watching him he pulled it back up and came back inside.

Right now the rawhide chew is sitting on the couch where I had pulled the blanket away in order to cover him up next to me.

Other than all that Amanda watched some Days of Our Lives while I played with some pictures on the computer.  After that she watched How I Met Your Mother then The Pickup Artist.  Pradeep, whom we weren’t really liking, went home tonight.  It’s kind of fun to see how much better the guys on that show have gotten about talking to women.  The big challenge tonight was to meet a girl in a bar and get her to go to the restaurant across the street with them.  I was thinking about it, and I said, “That’s not really all that hard.”  Then I thought better of saying that and added, “Well, maybe it is.”

Amanda asked if I’d ever done that- met a girl then took her someplace else the night I met her and I said, “Yeah.”  She quantified, “I mean someone you just met.”  So I repeated my answer and she asked me who.  “Jolyn,” I said.  “Betty.  Kristen, the second one….”  She told me three was enough.  Although, thinking about it, I had met Betty before.  Well, then again, I met her through Joe Rumley.  The three of us and another girl, I think her name was Erin, all went to The Comedy Zone then went to the club behind it afterwards, so I guess that still stands.  There was Amber, too.  Probably some others.

Zach Dotsey