There were several things I was trying to accomplish at work today, mostly catching up on some sales things, but that didn’t happen. I ended up taking care of a number of smaller things which took up most of the day. There was one thing that was frustrating though. There was one thing I was doing that was so frustrating to me that I was literally gouging out my eyes. Seriously. I had my fingers in my eye sockets. Thankfully, when I realized I was doing this it made me laugh at the situation, so my eyes are fine and intact.

Amanda’s brother, Michael Mercer, came by to do his laundry today. He went out to grab some Subway for lunch (I’d already eaten some leftover pizza so I didn’t have any) then when he got back he remembered that he was going to have lunch with a friend he’d bumped into the other day, so he’s got a partially-eaten sandwich for either dinner tonight or lunch tomorrow I guess.

Amanda’s dad, Phil Mercer, stopped by too. I was on a webcam conference with Tim Henrich and his dog started barking. Bruce started barking too, which I thought was because of Tim’s dog, but it ended up being because he saw Phil coming to the door. Phil was in town, doing an appraisal I guess, and dropped off Michael’s car registration, whom he had talked to and thought was going to be here. He also dropped off a bunch of certificates for free music from an online music store. I checked it out and you have to buy a subscription to the place, but at least you get a free trial to start off, so I’ll probably check that out at some point.

Michael and I went to see Halloween tonight. It’s the remake of the original by Rob Zombie. For the most part it was a standard horror flick, although it was a bit of a return to the slasher films of the 80’s with the gratuitous boobage. The beginning was pretty good though. It started off with the origin of Michael Myers as a little kid. That part I really liked, and I think if they could have made a whole movie of that, it would have been better.

I called Chris Mowbray tonight. I’ve been meaning to for quite a while. As Chris Schoch, she was a friend of mine in high school and she was Amanda’s boss until she stepped back to working from home so she could watch her baby, Dylan. Chris and her husband, Dave, are moving to Raleigh, where Dave is starting a new job on Monday. Anyway, I regret not having spent more time with them while we were all in Wilmington. It’s like I told her- when I was in Raleigh I hardly saw our friends Chris Reeves or Kelia Pless (although she was Kelia Hester back then) and here in Wilmington I hardly got together with her. We talked for a few minutes and I wished them well.

She asked if I’d talked to Kelia recently, and somehow I already guessed what she was going to say. Since I don’t know if it’s totally out there though, I won’t say what I guessed.

Amanda told me when I got home that she’d gotten on the elliptical machine tonight.  She was on it for a whole episode of My Name is Earl, although the batteries weren’t in it so she couldn’t tell how far she’d gone.  I was proud of her.

Zach Dotsey