It was a busy Friday, work-wise.  I just can’t seem to get fully caught up.  There are a lot of good things going on though.  SiteCreator, our big new project, seems to be progressing nicely and Scott is making a lot of progress on the redesign of our own site.  I think I should have a nice bit of stuff lined up for the end of the month.

After work Amanda and I went to the Port City Java where her brother works.  We just grabbed a muffin and a drink each then went for a short walk downtown.  We weren’t there long and didn’t see Michael interact with a whole lot of people, but he gave off a nice confidence at work.

After we left there I got a call from my own brother, Adam Dotsey.  He told me that he and his girlfriend, Renee Sikes, were planning on going to see Stardust tomorrow sometime and asked if we wanted to go.  I do want to go, so I told him to let me know when he knew what time they were going.

Adam had called while we were on our way to the Cameron Art Museum.  David Pray, one of the guitarists at church, was putting on a concert tonight.  I’ve talked to David a few times and always thought he was a pretty nice guy.  We saw him last week at Square One and he told us about the thing going on tonight, so we figured we’d go check it out.

I’ve got to make a side note.  The Cameron Art Museum has got to be the most inaccessible museum ever.  There’s only one entrance from the road even though it’s on a corner and if you come from one direction you have to make a u-turn to get to it.

It was packed tonight.  The main parking lot, which isn’t huge but isn’t small either, was full and Amanda and I got what I think was the second to the last parking space in the other parking lot, which was supposed to be for shipping and I think employees.  That was a good sign though.  We saw a lot of people from Port City Community Church there, but there were plenty of unfamiliar people too.  There were about 80 seats, but Amanda and I got there too late to have a seat.  I think there were between 120 and 130 people there.

The concert was pretty cool.  The music was aptly described as “jazz and world beat” and featured art from local artists and dance for a few of the songs.  I think David said there were over 20 local artists involved in the concert, from the art featured on the screen (some of which I really liked) to the musicians to the dancers to a couple photographers and some video crew.  The video crew was Joey and Parrish, whom I often direct when I volunteer my directorial talents(?) at PC3.

We talked to a few people after the show, most notably Amanda’s co-worker, Don, and his girlfriend, Laura.  We left after a few minutes and returned a call from Michael.  We had mentioned maybe going out to eat after the concert, so he had called towards the end of the show to see what we were doing.  He was the only one who was really hungry, but we still wanted to go out so we met him at Applebees.  Amanda and I both just had chicken Caesar salads.  Half bowls at that, but they were plenty enough to fill us up.

Zach Dotsey