We started out our day like most Saturdays, capped off by breakfast at Cracker Barrel. While we were waiting to be seated we played Checkers outside. We stalemated the first game, which we always seem to do, then I won the second one. I think I only lost one piece, or if I lost more than that it was late in the game. We played a third one that I was winning when we got called to sit down. I think I had five kings to Amanda’s two, and one of hers was about to get jumped, whatever move she made.

My brother, Adam Dotsey, called to let us know that the only matinée showing of Stardust was at 1:30. At first Amanda and I didn’t think we’d be able to make it to that in that much time, as there was a bunch of running around and such that we wanted to do today, but then we decided we could swing it. We went ahead and stopped by Target to get a few thing since it was pretty much on the way home.

As we were getting home, Amanda was talking to her aunt, Anna Frazelle. Amanda decided she wanted to spend some time on the beach as opposed to seeing a movie. I really wanted to see that movie, not to mention see my little brother, so we decided to each do our own thing. I dropped Amanda off at the Frazelle house and hung out there for a few minutes before heading over to Mayfaire Cinemas to meet Adam and Renee.

On the way into the theater I saw a poster for the movie The Dark is Rising. That book, that series, actually, was one of the first things my cousin David Cherryholmes got me to read. (David was a big influence on me.) I mentioned to poster to Adam when I sat down and just then a preview came on for it. Ever since Harry Potter it seems that studios have been clamoring to develop movies based on fantastical kids’ books. Not a complaint- I just hope it doesn’t get overdone.

So, Stardust. Stardust was really good. All three of us liked it. I don’t really know what all to say about it. I can see how people have likened it to The Princess Bride, but it’s a totally different movie. Sure it’s got action, romance, adventure, a storybook quality, but it’s not quite so tongue-in-cheek. Robert Deniro was great.

After the movie I went back over to the Frazelle’s. Amanda and Anna were just coming in from a walk as I got there. I looked through some of their CDs while we just sort of hung around for a bit. They had dinner plans so we went ahead and took off.

One of the things we wanted to accomplish today was to buy a birthday present for Kirsten Frazelle. I think her birthday is next week. Anyway, we went by the mall to look in a few places and ended up buying an outfit for Amanda from Anne Taylor Loft. We did look for Kirsten, we just didn’t find anything we liked for her. We did go somewhere else afterwards and found something. Amanda also picked up a cute hat there. It was cheap. For that matter, Amanda saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico. Sorry, a Geico commercial just came on. No, she saved a bunch of money at Anne Taylor Loft. She had some discount coupons plus she got some things on sale.

We got back home and didn’t feel like fixing anything for dinner so we ate cereal then put on Pan’s Labyrinth with HBO On Demand. That was a really great movie. I suppose some people would be bothered by the subtitles, but I’ve always thought that was a really weak reason to not like a movie. Other than that, I can’t think of any reason someone wouldn’t like it.

Zach Dotsey