LaDanian Tomlinson let me down this week. He got five points this week for my fantasy football team. And let’s not even start about Donovan McNabb. Nine points last week and just three so far this week (with 10:51 left in the fourth). And he just got sacked. *Sigh.* I should have played Jake Delhomme this week and last. Thirty-seven points this week and thirty-four last week. Oh well. I’ve got this week wrapped up already anyway, but there are a few other teams in my league that have scored near 200 points both weeks.

There was plenty for me to do with work today, but it wasn’t a crazy-busy day. The phone didn’t ring a lot, which was nice for a Monday. I was supposed to meet with my boss Scott Hendrix today. He and his family were coming down to Wilmington, but one of the girls was sick and they were a bit delayed, so we’re putting that off to tomorrow.

After work i went to Smithfield Bar-B-Que to pick up, well, guess what I picked up. Yes, some BBQ. I got back in just enough time for us to finish up our dinner before our new investment person, a girl named Rebeccah, came by to meet us. She took over our account after Erin Dotsey, my first sister, was no longer with the company. They transferred our account to the Charlotte office, and she was here in Wilmington (Rebeccah, that is), so we met with her and went over a number of things.

She took off a little after 8:30. Amanda and I watched last season’s finale of How I Met Your Mother and the penultimate episode of The Pickup Artist before Amanda, who had a bit of a headache, went to bed. On The Pickup Artist, chubby buddy Joe D. went home. I kind of expected it- he’s sort of plateaued. It’s a shame to see him go though. He seems like a pretty nice guy. I guess that’s been his problem- he’s chubby and friendly, so he gets into the friend zone pretty easily I guess. I think Kosmo will win the show. I think he’s just a bit more confident than Brady, but then again Brady was making out with a stripper, so who knows?

I said to Amanda that I was surprised how much I like that show, so she said maybe I should go on it. I asked her if she really wanted me to go on that show, and once she thought about it she decided her suggestion wasn’t a very good one. I’m not saying I’m completely cocky or anything, but I don’t lack much of the confidence that a lot of the guys on that show do. I think though that one thing I like about it is seeing these guys who lack confidence gaining it, and seeing the camaraderie many of them have with each other. For the most part they really seem to have become pretty good friends.

And that’s about it. Donovan McNabb has been making some progress this possession. I was playing around with a few of the pictures I took this weekend downtown and decided to post a color and a black and white version of one on No comments on it yet, which is fine. Overall I don’t think I took any really great pictures, but I think there’s a little something to this one.

Dang, McNabb is making nearly everything now. He still hasn’t done great overall tonight and there’s probably no way he’ll get me the points I’d have had if I’d played Jake Delhomme, but at least he’s trying to make up for it. The Eagles have been down the whole time I’ve been watching. They’re only down eight now and I think are only about thirteen yards from another touchdown. I think McNabb should get a touchdown and a two point conversion for me. I mean he should run those in himself. You owe me, McNabb! You owe me!

Honestly Donovan McNabb doesn’t owe me squat. Even though he only got me seven fantasy points.

I’m not feeling too great myself right now.  Feels like a bit of a sinus headache.  Maybe it’s the changing weather.

Zach Dotsey