I woke up just before 9:00 this morning because Amanda called the house.  That NyQuil really knocked me out.  I felt a little fuzzy for most of the day and my voice was scratchy for most of it too.  Late in the day I drank some green tea after Amanda suggested something hot (hot chocolate was her suggestion, then I mentioned the tea and she said that was a good idea) and that helped a lot.  I wish I’d done it sooner though.  Around 2:30 I realized I hadn’t eaten anything, so I put a turkey and cheese sandwich in the toaster oven to make something of a grilled turkey and cheese.  It was nice.

The day went by very quickly as I was very busy all day.  I actually ended up working until about a quarter of nine.  I mean, I wasn’t working as hard that whole time and I talked to Amanda and glanced at the TV and all, but I was still working nonetheless.  Mainly I was working on getting several variations of a design I did for our design library ready to be usable.

That was pretty much it for my day.  I was sick, I was busy, I worked late.

I was feeling mostly better, but it always seems like when you’re sick you start feeling it more again at night.  Suppose I’ll take another NyQuil tonight.

Zach Dotsey