Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m getting sick. My throat was a bit scratchy today and now it’s getting pretty sore. That scratchy tickley feeling towards the back of your throat that makes you feel like you have something in the back of your throat that you need pull up loogie-style. I’m not a big fan of talking right now- it feels like it takes too much effort to make my voice audible. Hopefully it’ll get better soon.

Amanda’s dad, Phil Mercer, stopped by around lunch today.  He had been in Myrtle Beach at some sort of conference and stopped by here on the way back to Richlands to drop off Amanda’s registration.  That’s a bit of a sore point.  You see, Phil co-signed on the Jetta, and for some reason, even thought we’ve told Volkswagen plenty of times, a lot of their mail goes to the Mercer house in Richlands, as opposed to the Dotsey house in Wilmington.  It’s terribly annoying.  Anyway, Phil and I had lunch at Subway then he took off.
Small group ended up getting canceled tonight. Long story short, pretty much everyone decided it’d be a good week to take off, so Amanda told me to ask Sarah Beakes, the small group connection coordinator, if any extra help was needed. She ended up going too.

The small group connection tonight was for college kids and 20-somethings. We got there around 6:00 and ate wraps and some chips for dinner while receiving instructions on what to do for the night. Basically, Amanda and I and a few other people were going to be stationed around Studio 3 to help facilitate people talking. Worked out well too, because where I was, there was a group of guys not really talking to anyone, and I ended up getting them talking.

Michael showed up, which we’re glad about. He seemed to do well. He was talkative and outgoing. He told me he’d seen me on Xbox Live right before he left his apartment, which I thought was odd until I realized that Adam was picking up his kitten, T’Challa, from our house and must have decided to play a few songs on Guitar Hero II while he was there.

T’Challa, by the way, was a pleasure to have. At first he was hissy at Cobb, then they were indifferent o each other, then T’Challa wanted to play and Cobb became hissy. But he was a sweet kitten, snuggling up a lot and purring and jumping around and playing as a kitten will.

So anyway, the small group connection. I had a good time. Met a few people, including the guy who put a new battery in Amanda’s watch a couple weeks ago when we were at the mall. We both thought the other looked familiar. His dad apparently owns the watch repair kiosk at the mall, where he’s worked since he was 13. Kind of like the way I worked at my parent’s feed store from the time I was 13 until they sold it.

Anyway, we stuck around and helped put Studio 3 back together after most people left then we went on home. I just took some NyQuil for my throat, and I was already tired, so I’ll probably be out soon.

By the way, I read yesterday that a meteor had crashed near a small village in Peru. There was some boiling water in the crater and a bunch of people who went to check it out got sick with headaches, upset stomachs and I think some vomiting. That’s how horror movies start.

On top of that, in news that hasn’t been very widely reported, there’s been the biggest Ebola outbreak in quite a while. In an e-mail thread that my cousin David Cherryholmes has added me to with some friends of his, they talked about their post-apocalyptic plans of taking over a Wal-Mart. I told them to all come down here, because we’ve got a Wal-Mart, a Costco and a Sam’s Club all within about a mile of each other. I can’t hold all three by myself. Plus, we could go over to Wrightsville and raise the drawbridge. With supply runs to the aforementioned places, held by people set to guard them, we’d be good to go for a long time.

Oh yeah, one last thing. I forgot to look into this over the weekend, but Duke’s football team beat Northwestern in an away game, snapping their losing streak. I believe that if they’d lost that, they’d beat their all-time losing streak of twenty-two games. Go Duke!

Zach Dotsey