I slept terribly last night and I could hardly speak all day, which sucked because Scott, my boss, wanted to to do some collections calls.  He was understanding, of course, but I hated not being able to do something that needed doing.

I actually started out the day by going to Carolina Coastal Collision to get an estimate on the damage to the Jetta.  They were really nice.  It looks like a family run business, which I assumed because they had a two-year old running around the place.  He was a cute kid.  When I first walked in and said I needed to get an estimate they showed me to an office and the kid walked out, so I asked if he was the one who was giving the estimate.

I expected it to be around $5000 or so (just off the top of my head) but it was somewhere in the $2K’s.  After I went there I figured I’d go to The Connection to do some work until I could go pick up my paycheck, but for some reason I got a connection to their network but no internet.  So I thought I’d go by Chick-Fil-A because I think some of them have wi-fi, but the one on New Centre apparently does not.  So I thought I’d go ahead and swing by the GameStop right next to it and get the pre-order for Halo 3, which was being released at midnight tonight.
After that I went to the Port City Java on College in the Harris Teeter and worked for a while.  Amanda’s favorite barista was there.  When she worked at A Place to Bead she would go by there and get coffee just about every day.  I told him I was Amanda’s husband and he still remembered her and what she ordered.  Before you start to think that sounds weird, he’s… ya know.  On the other team.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)  When I left there I went to get my check and drop it off at the bank then headed on home.
Amanda came home with salad and a chicken for dinner.  Tonight was the main start of the new television season, so we watched How I Met Your Mother and Heroes.  We also watched a new show that came on after How I Met Your Mother called Big Bang.  It was okay, but I don’t think it’s got staying power.  I think it’s slightly gimmicky and the end of it, where the nerdy guy vows to get the hot chick, felt like it was copying Ross at the end of the pilot of Friends.

Heroes was decent.  The only real complaint I had was the commercials.  It was almost commercial-free, which was nice, but the two commercial breaks that both had three commercials for the new Nissan Rogue, and they were all the same commercials, just re-cut.  And at the beginning of Heroes, Bennett gave Claire a car, and she said something like, “I get the Rogue?”  I just kind of assumed she was talking about the car, but that kind of corporate shilling is distasteful.  I mean it was nice that there were so few commercials, but I think it reduced the artistic integrity of the show.  Or maybe I’m holding a popular prime time TV show to a higher standard than it should be held.

Zach Dotsey