I mostly slept pretty well last night. I remember waking up just before midnight and thinking about Michael standing in line to pick up Halo 3. I think I woke up coughing around 3:00 or so and woke Amanda up in doing so. She laughed or chuckled or something. At 6:00 I woke up and coughed up a lungful of phlegm, so I thought I’d get up, spit it out and use the toilet. Bruce thought it’d be a nice time for him to take a leak too, so I let him out and restocked the toilet paper upstairs, which I had just noticed was almost out.

My voice was much better today, although not 100% better. And I mostly feel pretty good. Today the biggest problem in this ongoing condition of mine has been the coughing. I’ve been coughing so much that my back hurts. And the most frustrating part is when you know you’ve got all this crap in your throat and you finally cough it up, but then you can’t quite grab it before it reflexively goes back down. That sucks.

I’ve got all kinds of lovely conversations going these past few days, don’t I?

I picked up Halo 3 today, but I haven’t had much of a chance to play it yet. I plan to play it online tonight with Michael and Chris.

Amanda got home and made some pasta. We then settled down for some serious TV viewage. We watched The Pickup Artist (Kosmo won) then CSI: Miami, both of which were DVRed from last night. I could go without watching CSI: Miami anymore. We then watched Beauty and the Geek and now we’re watching House. Amanda’s got several episodes of Days of Our Lives to catch up on and I’ve got Journeyman to watch from last night. It’s a show starring Kevin McKidd, who played Lucius Vorenus on Rome and Tommy on Trainspotting. I also saw that he’s rumored to play Thor in a Thor movie in 2009. It’s a show, as far as I can tell so far from commercials, about a guy who travels back and forth in time and has to fix some things. Very Quantum Leap, so I have high hopes for it.

Andra called tonight and urged me to hurry up and have a kid since I’m nearly 30. Apparently we’re in a competition. She told me I should switch Amanda’s birth control pills for placebos. Jokingly, of course. Joke’s on her though because… well, because. And no, Amanda’s not pregnant. And Amanda’s not touching me while I’m in this ongoing condition. Sucks.

Zach Dotsey