I did end up playing a little Halo 3 with Michael Mercer and Chris Flowers last night. I did okay considering it’s been a while since I’ve played any Halo, or any first-person shooter for that matter. One really cool feature they were showing off was the ability to review matches you played, which isn’t really anything new, but it was really smooth and gave you all kinds of control to move around and zoom in and out and such. And of course playing it was fun too.
I felt pretty decent today. Mostly anyway. My voice isn’t much better, but my throat didn’t feel too sore. I did have a bit of a headache though, and I coughed a lot.

At work I got one of our major clients to agree to a redesign, which is great. It’s a very popular site, kind of a showcase site for us, but it’s been in need of a new look for a little while. We’re pretty excited to finally get the chance to do it.

I watched Journeyman and thought it was decent. We also watched House tonight. Generally I’ve gotten to where I can take House or leave it. I mean, it’s a good show and it’s well put-together, but a lot of it is the same thing. Something weird happens at the beginning, nobody can figure it out even though they try a whole bunch of different things, then somebody says something that makes House think of something that solves the problem. This week had a nice twist though- the girl they were treating was actually the wrong person.

Zach Dotsey