Don’t worry, my brother-in-law and nephew are fine.

Got a call a little after 8:00 this morning that reminded me of another call I got around 8:00 recently- my little sister Andra called to say that Josh and Jackson had been in a car wreck. They were both fine. What ended up being pieced together over a couple phone calls was that an 18 or 19 year-old kid from Ohio without a license or insurance came over the yellow line, Josh, in his work van, tried to get out of the way and the kid ended up hitting the rear side of the van. Jackson, it was said, didn’t even notice being hit, although they did take him to the hospital to get checked out. The kid from Ohio’s parents (I guess they were all in town for something) covered it with their insurance. Andra said the kid was belligerent with the cops (probably scared) and that he was taken to the hospital. I guess if he was well enough to fuss at the cops for asking to see his license he probably wasn’t too badly hurt.

Of course one big issue with this is that Josh is going to be without his work van for a while. That sucks because, even though he’ll still be able to work, he won’t be able to make as much, and it sounds like he’s been doing pretty well with his new job.

I tried focusing on sales today at work today and I made some good headway, but support kind of took over. We had a conference call; me, Tim and Scott, which was helpful in organizing and getting things done. After work we watched some TV. Caught up on Boston Legal mostly, before the usual Monday night fare (How I Met Your Mother, followed by Big bang, which I’m liking more, then Heroes).

Amanda went to bed after that and I played some Halo 3. At first it was just me and Chris Flowers, but Michael got on after a while. He was watching Monday Night Football, which he said was one of the best games he’s seen in a while. Unfortunately for me, Terrell Owens didn’t get ten fantasy points for me this week, which was all I needed in order to win. I have a pretty strong team, without a doubt, but I’m on a two game losing streak, which sucks, and this last loss was to a guy I’ve killed more than once before.

Back to Halo 3, I sucked at it tonight. I had one or two decent games, but overall I didn’t do very well.

We’re probably naming the fish Gotham.

Zach Dotsey