In the competition I was recently told about, I’ve lost, so congratulations. For anyone not following, I’ll just leave it at that until Andra has time to tell everyone she won.

Not a whole lot else going on today. Amanda got let out of work half an hour early and stopped to get taco supplies for dinner. Cobb was meowing like it was 5:30, which is about the usual time we feed him. It’s funny how the animals have gotten trained for certain events. When Amanda pulls into the driveway and locks her car, Bruce hears the alarm turn on and jumps up on the couch to wait for her to walk in. She gets in and Cobb starts meowing loudly and insistently until somebody feeds him. At night, when you turn the TV off Bruce knows it’s time to go outside and pee before heading upstairs for bed. I’m sure Harvey will pick up some stuff too. He seems to know his name pretty well already.

He’s done some cute things lately. Tonight Amanda was hugging him then she laid down on the couch in front of him and he wrapped his forelegs around her like he was snuggling with her. A while back we bought a little bed for Bruce that he never uses, but Harvey has curled up in it a couple times, despite being way too big for it. And sometimes he’ll go sit in his crate just for the heck of it.

All that aside, Amanda prepped some beef stew for tomorrow night’s small group. Her mom said she usually partially cooked the meat before putting it in the crock pot, but Amanda had another question, something about when to put it in and whatnot, which I ended up calling my parents about. I mentioned the situation I lost to Andra in (she’s the one who told me we were in a race, by the way, Andra that is) and my mom said something about me being funny about it. Kind of like, “oh, you silly.” I’m not entirely sure what she meant by it.

Anyway, we watched CSI: Miami tonight then for the heck of it we checked out Cavemen, which is a show based on the Geico cavemen commercials. It wasn’t anything too special, but for some reason, maybe because I like the commercials, I hope it does okay. Anyway, we then watched Beauty and the Geek and House. Really, way too much TV.

I was going to go to the gym today, but I feel like I pulled something in my neck. It’s from the base of my skull behind my left ear down to about my shoulder blade. Actually, it seems to have moved down a little now. Funny thing about it is that last night Amanda had the same thing, but on her right side.

Amanda went to bed after House and I played some Halo 3. Mostly sucked, but I had a few good games.

For the past two days Amanda has forgotten to feed the fish, tentatively named Gotham (if it lives long enough), in the morning.  In her defense, we have it in a bowl by the window and it’s extremely unobtrusive.  I don’t think I’ve noticed him at all while I’m working, and I have been working in the living room ever since I got the laptop.  I even usually have the blinds open and the TV on just to have some noise in the background (generally the History Channel), and I completely forget that it’s there.

Zach Dotsey