Not too much to report on today either, not personally anyway.  Work was work.  Amanda brought home a rotisserie chicken for dinner and we watched South Park and Kid Nation.  I packed for the fishing trip while Amanda watched an episode of Days Of Our Lives.  There is about two weeks’ worth of Days of Out Lives on the DVR.  Of course, she used to watch it while I was away at the gym and I haven’t gone in a while.

I enjoyed South Park.  The episode wasn’t anything too special in and of itself- it was about Randy, Kyle’s dad, have a record-sized poo and about how Bono, no matter what good stuff he does, is still a piece of crap.  What I really loved about it though is that two times, when it was just ridiculously potty-humored, a message came up at the bottom of the screen.  When Randy was given an ultrasound to check the status of the giant turd growing inside of him and when he finally crapped a giant poo pillar that spun him around and lifted him above the toilet as it was coming out of him, we were informed with a graphic at the bottom of that screen that this was an Emmy Award Winning Show.  The second time, a guy plucked the Emmy from the graphic, announced that Randy had the world’s largest poo, and stuck the award into the fecal column.  Isn’t that just great?

Other than that we watched the Thursday night TV- My Name is Earl, 30 Rock and The Office.  I think the last season of Scrubs starts next week, which is sad to me.  Then again, last season wasn’t the best, but still, I love that show.

I’m getting up at 4:10 tomorrow, which actually means 4:00 since Amanda has the bedroom clock set forward a little.  I’ve got everything ready to go already, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to be up just a little in advance.  Plus it’ll be good to take a shower, since I won’t have another one until Sunday.

Zach Dotsey