Went to bed around 10 last night. Slept decently well. The Lambeth boys and I were in the tent while the Mercer boys were in the camper.I was told that something big was on my line last night, because when I’d was eventually reeled in after I went to sleep the line with the hook was missing. Something had bitten through it. Andrew told us he caught a mullet last night. While Phil was fixing breakfast I caught a mullet myself- my first Portsmouth Island catch. First saltwater fish I’ve caught for that matter. Honestly can’t remember what the last fish I ever caught was. I remember something about a catfish when I was little.

Ben was kind enough to de-hook it for me.

I tried calling Amanda’s cell and the house phone but didn’t get an answer at either.

We went down to the point of the island to try our luck. Ben went walking on sandbars but didn’t catch anything. Andrew tried casting a net to catch some bait fish and caught a total of three small mullets. As we were packing up to head back he caught a flounder.

We went back to where the Jeep and tent were and set our poles back up then played with the frisbee some more. I mostly did decent. The trick is to remember to flick or snap the wrist. But for the most part this afternoon we sat next to the truck and talked and such. No bites.

Michael can count to 100 in 33 seconds, but that’s not saying the full numbers. I can count to 100 with full numbers in 31 seconds. Andrew beat me by .02 seconds.

Ben’s been napping in the tent for a bit.

As it was getting dark I was trying to take a picture of Phil casting his rod with a light trail on it when I heard some shouting. My pole was yanking like crazy! (If you couldn’t guess it, we’ve made our fair share I’d juvenile jokes this weekend.) I ran to my pole and felt that there was a sizeable fish on the other end of it. I reeled it in and… nothing. The bastard got away.

The mosquitos were terrible for a little while tonight. We had to drench ourselves in bug spray.

There was moon the past two nights, but a sliver of one showed up tonight. It was red-tinted and it set pretty quickly. I guess in effect tonight will be moonless too.

Phil is the only one of he who has had to number two out here so far, but I think with the stink bombs Ben dropped a little bit ago he will be the second.

Andrew caught a small sting ray. After he and Phil got the hook out it was lashing its barb around, so Phil kicked it a few times until he got it back into the water. It landed pretty hard in its side one time.

Zach Dotsey