I was first to bed but was told nothing else was caught last night.

Phil woke us up at 6:45. He and Michael had taken off in the truck by the time we got out of the tent. Packed stuff up and broke down camp. Got a tear on the tent bag.

Ben spotted a conch on the drive down the island. Already found himself one yesterday so he asked if I wanted it. I’d been wanting to find one for Amanda, so that was nice. He ended up giving me the one he found yesterday morning too, as he’d left it in the truck and didn’t want to bother undoing things to get into it and find it. The trip back down to the ferry was pretty bumpy. It was the closest I’ve been to motion sick since I was much younger.

I drove Phil’s car back to Richlands, as he was driving the truck (which was left there for him by Danny Shaw) and Michael drove his own car. We made two stops- one for gas for Phil and one for food for Phil. Michael stopped to get some McDonalds in Richlands while Phil and I went on to Danny’s and started unloading the truck. Michael helped us finish then we headed back to Wilmington. Well, we did make one more stop. Michael’s food smelled good, so I got him to stop back by McDonalds. It took forever though.

When we got back Amanda let Bruce out to say hi. He and Harvey (and Amanda) were all happy to see me. The first thing I did after bringing everything in was to go to the bathroom, which I had to do more than I realized. The next thing I did was to attempt to solicit something from my wife, which didn’t come to fruition until much later. The third thing I did was to take a nice shower. Man, I was dirty.

We watched a few things on the DVR, including two episodes of Bionic Woman (I think the third disappeared), Supernatural and Pushing Daisies. About halfway through Pushing Daisies I turned to Amanda and said, “Amanda, I really like this show.” Conveniently, she really liked it too. I hate that we missed the first episode. It’s just very quirky with a dry sense of humor and a Tim Burton feel to it.
Amanda also cooked me dinner tonight. She told me to pick whatever I wanted and she’d fix it. I looked through the Betty Crocker cookbook and chose some sort of garlic chicken with a crispy breading made of corn flakes (or Special K in our case, since we had a box of that handy). It was really good and went well with the green beans and apple sauce. (Amanda didn’t have the apple sauce.) Later on she also fixed muffins.

While we were watching TV Amanda looked up the Topsail Humane Society website, which is where we got Harvey.  She found him listed on there, although his name was Capra, not Capper as we thought we’d heard.  His siblings were on there and were both listed as male, not a male and a female as we’d been told.  Not that that matters.  She learned on there that he had been rescued from being put down, which made her want to cry.  One of his brothers looks a lot like him but with the hair part on his head in two parts on either side of the top of his head, as opposed to one central stripe like Harvey’s, and the other brother looked a lot different from the other two.

Zach Dotsey