Harvey was trying to bury things under doormat this morning.

There are several wildfires in southern California raging right now. The satellite images show smoke drifting well out into the Pacific. It’s caused billions in damage already and caused the biggest evacuation since Katrina, I believe I heard.

Locked myself out on the way over to Michael’s to play Risk with him and Chris Burfmeister. Realized I had all my stuff in other pants when I reached for my keys. Amanda was out at dinner with the people from work, so I waited on her to get home.

Picked up some Subway (little girl left the tea running and told her mom she didn’t do it- me and a couple guys in front of me joked with the little girl about it) then headed over to Michael’s.

I won Risk. I started off with Australia, stretched into all of Africa but Egypt and North Africa. I stuck a piece in the Ukraine then filled up as much of Asia as I could. Michael blocked me on Africa and took all South America plus Central America to block Chris from having all of North America. Chris took most of North America and Europe and spread a little into Asia. Michael had a couple random pieces in Asia too. Early on it looked like Chris would win, as he had all of North America pretty quickly, but he only got the bonus once I think. Long story short, I kicked everyone out of Asia and it was mostly over from there. Chris went out first, but Michael was right after.

While we were playing, Michael put Planet Terror on. There wasn’t much of it left after I watched the end of that and came on home. Amanda was already in bed, so I caught up on all my shows- two episodes of Journeyman, Boston Legal and Bionic Woman. I really like the fact that the son saw his dad being shot through time on Journeyman. At the beginning of the episode he was with his son (Zack) in a crowd and was warped back, which caused a little family drama. At the end though, the kid knew there was a reason his dad kept flaking out.

Bionic Woman I probably won’t keep watching. It’s just not pulling my attention enough. It’s not that it’s particularly bad or anything, but I watch so much other TV now anyway.

Zach Dotsey