Today was payday. One of the major items for my bonus had not come in yet, so it hurt my bonus pretty bad. It was the worst bonus check I’ve had in a long, long time. On the upside, next month will be a pretty good month.

Small group wasn’t exactly happening because Elliot was just getting back in town after being out of town for a week and Rob and Kristen couldn’t come because, as Rob told me in an e-mail, he couldn’t come down for small group and a surf movie premiere event at UNCW tomorrow night. I’m not exactly sure why.

Anyway, in light of that, Amanda and I just went out to dinner with Kyle and Lorin Van Zandt. We went to Chili’s and everyone ate a salad but me. I had a burger. I saw a burger on the History Channel today that was all meaty and greasy and it made me want one.

A burger on the History Channel? Yeah, they had a marathon of a show called The States, and apparently the first hamburger was made in a diner in Chicago. They make them now like they did then- a hunk of meat between two toasted slices of bread. I came to regret it later as it did something really funky to my stomach.

While Michael and I were playing Halo 3 tonight he made a comment that I must work for Bungie, the company that made the Halo games, because I had an icon next to my name.  (It’s actually an icon anyone can add by messing with some settings on the Bungie website.)  Anyway, he started asking me questions and I started making up answers.  I told them I was on there to test for some glitches we were trying to fix, and if anybody saw me stuck walking into a wall to kill my guy because it meant I found the glitch.  In the first game where we did this it was mostly just me and Michael talking.  On the second game where we did this another guy on our team started asking questions about working for Bungie and such.  It was pretty funny.
Turkey attacked Iraq today, and I can’t say as I blame them. The Kurds in the north of Iraq, who have been pretty much self-governed since Saddam Hussein’s time, made some incursions into southern Turkey, which I think also has a large Kurdish population, and killed a few people I believe. This, naturally, irked Turkey, so they started massing along the border and today shelled and attacked the PKK (Kurdish separatists).

What’s odd about this is that there’s been very little news coverage for it. Maybe I just think it’s more interesting than it is, what with us protecting Iraq right now, or whatever it is we’re doing, and Turkey being one of our biggest allies in the region there.

Zach Dotsey