At about 5:00 this morning, Josh Gitlin upgraded our server.  There wasn’t much of an issue for the most part, but some issues did trickle in here and there throughout the day.  Enough to keep me pretty occupied anyway.

I had an e-mail conversation with Kristen today in which we discussed some of our views about the small group.  It was a very open conversation and it expressed some frustrations and concerns Amanda and I have had for a while.  I’ve been a little anxious about how it will be received.  I didn’t mean anything negative in it, but there were some things that have wanted to be said for some time now.

Amanda stopped by Target on the way home from work and picked up a workout video and an exercise ball then used them when she got home.  Sadly, I did nothing.  I intend to at least start getting back on the elliptical in the mornings, if not start going to the gym then.

We watched the usual Thursday night NBC lineup, although The Office has switched back to half an hour and the final season of Scrubs has now premiered.  I hope they don’t end up putting JD and Elliot together.  They’ve just been together and apart too much and I think are better off as friends.  Last season ended up with the almost kissing, but they didn’t kiss in this one.  Elliot broke up with her fiancee, Keith, and JD admitted to himself that he was only with his girlfriend, Kim, because he’d knocked her up.  All this drama and yet it was still a good, funny episode.  I’m going to miss Scrubs.

Amanda went to bed after that so, as usual, I played some Halo 3.  I was actually about to quit because nobody I really knew was on, but then I got an invite from a guy me and Michael and Chris Flowers had played with a few weeks ago.  He and I did some Team Slayer and got to talking with another guy so he stayed teamed up with us.  Then Chris Flowers got on, followed pretty soon by Michael.  Then the first guy (ML Advisor is his screen name) invited his brother and a couple other guys and before we knew it we had ten people in our party.  We had some really evenly-matched teams and everybody was pretty talkative, so we had a good time playing with them.

For the heck of it, I looked up the price of season tickets for Duke basketball.  They range from somewhere around $5000 and $6300.  I also went out looking for information about getting some DVDs of past seasons.  I was referred to one site, but it didn’t have any pricing or anything so I sent an e-mail request for information.  I think I’d like to start around 1985 and go from there.  That would give me plenty enough basketball to watch in the off season.

Zach Dotsey