I forgot to mention that I had to throw away my carved pumpkin yesterday. I guess a combination of the heat from earlier in the week and the rain and dampness later in the week caused it to grow all the mold that was covering it by Friday morning. Yesterday it was partly caved in on itself, so I took a shovel and tossed it into the dumpster. It sucks, because it was a really cool Jack O’ Lantern and it was only lit the night we finished carving them. And I didn’t even get a picture.

Amanda’s is a little moldy, but not nearly as bad off as mine was. She kept hers towards the back of the porch by the door, whereas I had to show off and put mine right on the stoop. Not like anybody could have even seen it yet.
We went to church first thing today. Afterwards we were talking to Kyle and Lorin Van Zandt and decided to do the Trunk or Treat thing with the church on Wednesday. We’re not against Halloween by any means, but Wednesday is small group night and they thought it would be fun. Actually it was Amanda and Lorin who really got into the idea. We’re going to do a luau theme using our Jetta, which has a pretty spacious trunk.

We went by Sam’s Club and picked up a few things after we ate at BoJangle’s. They lady who gave us our food at BoJangle’s seemed angry. I asked her for some cream and sugar was for Amanda’s coffee and she said it was back behind the station where we were getting our napkins. I thought she meant it was on the other side of it, which is where Amanda was standing, but it was actually a little further back. It was an honest misunderstanding on my part, but she sounded like I was pissing her off by asking. Amanda said she’d been rude with the guy in front of us too. That being said, the guy who took our order was really nice.

We went for a walk on the beach with Bruce and Harvey. It was chilly today, and I think it’s the first time since the summer that we wore long pants and long sleeves. We had a really good time there. The water had come up high sometime in the past few days and left a mush of foamy salty sand near a tidal pool. Bruce, who will eschew walking through the grass in our front yard in favor of the sidewalk, decided to plow through this substance. It was like it he was walking through snow, the way he sank into it and plowed through it. He had so much mud stuck to him when he came through, but he was so happy! He was challenging Harvey and jumping at him and running around. It was adorable, although it did lead to Amanda giving him a bath when we got back to the house.

Hannah pulled up to the Frazelle house as we were leaving, but we didn’t see any of the rest of them before we left.

We met up with Adam and Renee at the airport for the 2007 Cape Fear Fair.  Since we do their website and I do a number of updates for the every year, I got free tickets.  We all looked through the agricultural displays, checked out some animals and such then went on in to the fair proper.  The four of us rode the Ferris wheel.  Adam had told Renee earlier that she was supposed to kiss him at the top and I happened to tell Amanda the same while we were there.  To the chagrin of the ladies, we went around three times.

While we were waiting in line for that I mention Andra’s pregnancy to Adam.  He hadn’t been told yet so he called her to ask her about it.  I guess he’d just slipped through the crack, or she didn’t have his newer number.

It was a bit chilly today.  I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt I got yesterday at Old Navy and was pretty comfortable, but Renee wished she’s brought a jacket.  Amanda had brought a jacket and was still chilly.

After the Ferris wheel we split a funnel cake.  Well, Adam, Renee and I did.  Amanda didn’t want any.  It was good.  We then walked around and rode a few more rides.  Adam, Renee and I rode one of those platforms of a bunch of seats that spins in a circle, keeping the platform flat the whole time.  That was fun.  Then I went on several other rides, most of which spun me around and sent me upside down.  Renee rode with me on one that was a track on a wheel where the car just goes back and forth.  Other than that I was on my own as everyone else felt sick just looking at some of the rides.

Amanda was getting a headache, so, since I’d ridden all the good rides, we took off while Adam was hunting a game to play to win a prize for Renee.  Amanda and I stopped by Subway to pick up some dinner.  I almost always get a meatball sub, and have ever since high school except for a period of time when I would get a chicken breast sub with marinara, which is something that apparently rubbed off on Adam, but I have since stopped getting.  In high school and a little after, the guy at the Subway I went to recognized me and I don’t think he charged extra for getting such a sandwich.  Anyway, today I got a cold cut combo with a little lettuce and ranch.  It was yummy and, ranch aside, I believe healthier than the meatball sub.  So maybe I’ll start getting that more now.

By the time we got home I was feeling a little queasy.  I think it was because I went on so many rides in such a short span of time, whereas at amusement parks and such you have long lines so you have time to recover from one to the other.  Anyway, we ate and cleared off the DVR.  Michael stopped by to pick up his key, having come back a day earlier than he was planning to.

I lost my fantasy football game to my other brother-in-law, Josh Sawyer, by about twenty, thanks mainly to the Patriots’ defense.

Zach Dotsey