Not a whole lot to write about today. Work wasn’t nearly as busy as it was on Friday, which was a nice thing. After work I was going to work out, but since it was cold I decided I needed some workout pants. So I went to several different places in search of workout pants, but everything I found was either too small, too expensive or spandex tights. I ended up just going on home, but at least Amanda did some TV workout things.

I talked to Erin for a bit tonight.  Andra too.  She bought a Nissan Pathfinder.  They must be doing pretty well to be able to get a new SUV while expecting a second child.  Andra has told me that Josh’s new job is going well.

We watched a bit of TV, Amanda went to bed and now I’m playing Halo 3 with Michael, his roommate Matt and a guy from ECU.

Zach Dotsey