I had a pretty busy day today, but it felt good.  I had a meeting with one long-time client who needed to be shown how to operate a few things on their site.  They seem to go through managers once a year or two, but they’re always nice people.  I had a good time meeting with and talking to the one today.  I got an orange cream soda out of the deal.

After that I went to Atlanta Bread to get some work done and wait on the arrival of another client.  She hosts her site with us, but it was being built by another designer who never quite fully finished it, so we talked about giving it a redesign.  it went well.  On top of that, another client whom I’m been working on for a few weeks now told us they were going to go with us.  We’re just waiting on the deposit at this point.

I was also working on getting another site that we’ve been working on for most of the month ready.  I got the rudimentary stuff done and have a number of things to brush up tomorrow for it.

I got on the elliptical this morning.  I didn’t finish work until after 6:00 so I didn’t go to the gym.  Amanda did pick up some workout pants for me from Target on her way home though.  She’s been good about doing her workout videos.  Maybe I’ll get a workout ball and do some with her sometime.

We watched a bit of TV.  Beauty and the Geek was just a recap show, which sucks.  It’s been nice that the DVR hasn’t been backed up a whole lot lately.  I think that the only thing on it right now besides tonight’s episode of Boston Legal is an episode of Saturday Night Live from over a year ago, possibly two years ago.  It’s got a great Christmas beginning that we like to look at every now and then.

I just realized that I’m a little hungry.  I’ve had a bagel, a danish and a turkey and cheese wrap today.  Oh, and an Edy’s fruit popsicle (they’re so good!) and a bit of apple sauce.

I played a little Halo 3 tonight with a few guys.  Michael was watching the Lakers play and Chris was playing Guitar Hero III.  I need to get that before long.  Other than that I’ve been half-watching Blood Diamond while typing this.

I’ve been considering buying some tapes of Duke basketball games.  Full seasons-like.  I found a guy who will sell DVDs of games and has a pretty extensive library; I just need to figure out how far back I’d like to go.  I was thinking maybe 1985, although he has some dating back to 1979.

Zach Dotsey