Harvey was barking pretty steadily at 4:15 this morning, so I went downstairs to check on him and discovered that he had pooped and peed in his crate. It wasn’t like the last time though, when Amanda and I got home and could smell it throughout the house and it was all over the crate. Harvey had somehow managed to bunch it up into the sheet in the crate and push it into a corner, keeping it all off of himself.

I let him out then hosed down the sheets in the shower and put them in the washer then did the same with the corner of the crate. I dried that off and checked Harvey for wetness and stink, neither of which I found, then put a towel in the crate and Harvey behind it. He barked a couple times but settled down pretty quickly.

Today was a pretty busy one for me as we were trying to finish a site with today as the deadline. I spent most of the day making tweaks to the site, mostly graphical, layout and CSS. I was using our new SiteBuilder, which is a great tool but took me a little getting used to. Tim Henrich, our operations manager (title changed from production manager) was super helpful today. Not that he’s not usually, but he was especially so today. Thanks Tim!  Anyway, the site is, for all intents and purposes, done, but there are still a couple things that they want done before going live.
After work I headed to Veteran’s Park, which is way on down Carolina Beach Road. In fact, the only time I’ve been down that far before have been the times I was going to Carolina Beach itself, and we don’t go to Carolina Beach very often. I was going to Veteran’s Park to meet Amanda, as well as Lorin Van Zandt. Port City Community Church was hosting its annual Trunk or Treat, which is where people park their cars and decorate their trunks with a certain theme then kids come around trick or treating. I tell ya, with all that candy, so many people giving out so much of it and all of them so close together, when we have kids I’m sure they’ll love it.

The most popular costumes seemed to be Spider-Man, Batman and Superman, about in that order. The car next to us was actually Superman-themed. The couple had just moved here a few weeks ago and the husband just really had a thing for Superman. He was dressed as Superman, one of their dogs was dressed as Krypto (Superdog, if you will), then they had a big green thing thrown over their SUV which was supposed to be Krypton, but then the most impressive thing was that they had this big structure in the shape of a skyscraper that was the Daily Planet. Kids had to walk through it to get their candy on the other side. Very creative.

For our part, we had a beach theme. Amanda threw a sheet with a cloud pattern up in the open trunk and hung some paper lanterns across the top. Then we put some palms and such in and around it, along with an umbrella, beach chairs, a beach towel and a straw mat. The three of us plus Bruce and Harvey were all wearing leis. For less than $20 and very little planning, it actually looked pretty nice. Of course the big attraction at our trunk was the dogs. Bruce and Harvey did really good, although at points they both seemed a little stressed (there were a LOT of kids) and they both got to take a rest in the car. Bruce growled a couple times when some kids got too near his face, but they both behaved like gentlemen.

We ran out of candy. The rule was that you were supposed to bring an initial bag of candy then people would come around to keep you supplied. I was hoping to have a little left over- at least some Smarties or a snack sized bag of Skittles, but nope, nada. I did sneak in a flavored Tootsie Roll, and I tossed one of those small bags of Skittles outside of the cooler (in keeping with the theme, we had our candy in a cooler and a small sand pail), but towards the end some kid saw it and took it.

Amanda and I were both pooped when we got home.  We started watching Pushing Daisies but I was falling asleep about twenty minutes in.  Absolutely no disrespect to the show, of course.  I was just tired.  The work week has been pretty busy, particularly today, and I was awake for about half an hour cleaning up dog mess during the 4:00 hour.  So I was ready to sleep.  Thing is, after we did our nightly devotional, I got a second wind, so here I sit, writing about my day and watching the live Halloween edition of Ghost Hunters.  It’s a six hour episode and they’ve had a few weird things happen already, although I haven’t paid it too much mind; they’ll have a highlight show at some point in the near future.

Zach Dotsey