Before I went to bed last night I read that highly regarded high school basketball player Elliot Williams had committed to Duke.  He was planning on making his announcement on Friday, but changed that for some reason.  Apparently he’s a really good get.

Busy and stressful day of work.  Worked out at the gym afterwards.

Michael came by for some chicken pot pie that Amanda and I had for dinner.

The first Duke basketball game of the season, the Duke vs Shaw exhibition, was on tonight. Ten of eleven players in double digits. Run and gun. 134-55, Duke.  I was listening to the game on an internet radio broadcast since the game wasn’t televised, but when Michael left Harvey walked right through the headphone wire and snapped the plug off inside the jack.

Good night of tv, particularly Office and Scrubs.

Good Halo 3 night.

Zach Dotsey