Very busy day at work.  Was trying to catch up on things that had been put off so other things could get done yesterday.

We had a small group mixer tonight.  It was for all of the groups that Polly and Dave Clawson coach or mentor.  From our group, the youngest by a few years, it was only me and Amanda and Elliot and Melissa as pretty much everyone else was out of town.

The small group mixer was something we had discussed doing with Polly some time ago, so it was cool to be able to bring everyone (or at least a bunch of people) together to have dinner and talk and hang out.  We played a human foosball game in which poor Amanda, the smallest person out there, somehow got sucked into being goalie.  Even though the rules were inconsistent and we lost, it was a lot of fun.  There was also some sort of relay race where you had to pick things up with tape around your head.  Our team won that one.
When we got back home we found that Harvey had peed a little in his crate, so we had to give him a bath.

Zach Dotsey