Up until 3:00 last night. I blame Chris Flowers.  He kept urging to me stay on and keep playing Halo 3.  On the plus side, I did get to use the phrase “I killed a man for that,” which was something I never thought I’d hear myself say.  Of course, I was just talking about the fact that I had just fought with an opponent for a vehicle in the game that Chris then came up and took right as I was about to get in it.
Stopped by the PCJ where Michael Mercer works on the way to the 2007 JDRF Walk.

Amanda’s coworker Kelly tried to abduct Bruce. Kept holding him and said she was going to take him home.

Harvey played with a dog about his size and age named Izzy.

Walked around the park with Matt, Jennifer and Trish.

There was a 70s cover band back at Legion Stadium when we finished the walk. I thought they were actually pretty good, but people were just sort of milling about and not paying much attention to them, so I felt a little bad for them. But they did do some good covers. And they were there for free lending support because one of their kids has juvenile diabetes.

Home, nap with Bruce.

We put a bunch of laundry away because Michael was coming to do his.

Amanda and Michael picked up some Papa John’s for dinner

Listened to some of Duke and Barton College exhibition. Duke was pretty cold on threes but defense created a lot for them. Final score was 104-44, Duke.

We watched Planet Terror.

After Michael left Amanda and I finished watching Pushing Daisies from the other day then watched South Park (part three of Imagination Land) and Friday Night Lights.

Carolina beat Shaw 114-62. 0-8 threes from their starters, one was hit by a walk-on.

We finished Night Lights, a nightly devotional book that we’ve had for a while, six months I think. There’s a reading every night, and though we skipped a couple nights when I had gone fishing (and one other night I think) we always caught up and finishe dit up on time. It keep you accountable by having the day of the week on each page. Plus each night’s reading is pretty short, so it’s easy to do.

Zach Dotsey