Directed at Port City Community Church.  We did pretty good I think, except that for one song during the last service I tried to get a little too fancy.

I was name dropped during the service.  Mike Ashcraft was talking about the origins of Port City Community Church and about all the spectacle and whether or not it mattered.  During that he mentioned a few volunteers- me and Phil, the stationary camera operator.  I said something to him afterwards and he said I was just one of the first volunteers he thought of, which I thought was kind of cool.

I also corrected him on something- that college basketball games don’t have quarters.  Apparently he’d been corrected on that a couple times already.  I’m glad his example about getting excited about something, catching an infectious excitement, has to do with Duke basketball fans.  It would be tainted in my mind if it was a story about Carolina fans.

Got home at 2:30 and watched some TV.  I think Amanda and I both napped a bit on the couches.  I did at least.  Arlington Road came on.  I remember having seen the trailer for that in the movie theaters, probably from when I was back in high school, and wanting to see the movie.  Well, I finally saw most of it.  I actually rather liked it.  It’s about a man who suspects that his new neighbor is a terrorist.

Zach Dotsey