Went to the grocery store for dessert ingredients for the Golden Graham smores we were going to make for small group dessert tonight. Learned that corn syrup is by the syrups, not the cooking supplies like you’d think.

Work was steady. Had lunch with Michael at Atlanta Bread after stopping by his place. Saw the new Call of Duty.

Cleaned up. Amanda made dessert for tonight. Lots of dust. I said it’s partly because of Harvey and Amanda said at least he cleans up after himself. He seems to enjoy licking up dust balls. He’s also found a sin patch that he enjoys in the orange room. Some sun comes in in front of the doorway around 10:00 and he’s been sitting there l the last few mornings.

Bruce, meanwhile, spends the majority of his days under a blanket. He used to sit on the couch with me and Amanda under a light, red one but now he prefers heavier ones. If the wool one from Pier One us on the back of the couch he’ll tug at it until we pull it off and cover him with it. Of course he sleeps under the covers in bed at night with us too. Probably 80% of his day he’s under covers.

Small group was really good. Elliot and Melissa brought a beef stew but Elliot dropped the crock pot getting out if the car so we all went to Carolina BBQ. The Van Zandts treated me and Amanda.

We came back to the house to eat our BBQ, Kristen’s cornbread pie and our Golden Graham smores. Had a really good discussion that evolved into why small group is important to us.

Kentucky got beat by Gardner-Webb, 84-68 at Rupp Arena no less. They didn’t look too good. Patrick Patterson, whom Duke also heavily recruited, looked decent though. We could gave used him in the post, which looks to be Duke’s big deficiency this year.

Writer’s strike is going to stop a lot of shows, including The Office. Can’t blame the writers, but it looks like it’s really going to hurt a lot of people connected to the entertainment industry if it goes on too long.

Zach Dotsey