I decided to play some Civ IV last night.

I went by Amanda’s office today to drop off some of the smores bars for them to eat. They were good but there’s no way we should eat all that was left over.

A few days ago I came up with a new website idea. I started putting it into motion today. If it can make me just a few bucks a month I’ll be happy. It won’t really cost me anything but the domain.

Amanda and I watched the usual Thursday night NBC stuff. Alex Baldwin needs an Emmy for his work on 30 Rock. His line about demographics this week and his therapy session with Tracy Morgan last week were both awesome.

After Amanda went to bed I caught up on a few of my shows while playing some more Civ IV. Also watched some Young Indiana Jones. Comes on History International on Thursday nights. I liked that show back in the day but I don’t remember it coming on a great deal. It’s got very high production values.

Zach Dotsey