Stayed decently busy today with work and kept working until about 6:00. After that Amanda and I went to O’Charlie’s for dinner then grabbed a new food bowl for Harvey. He’s been eating his.

While Amanda ran into Petsmart for that I listened to the Duke season opener against NC Central. Duke dominated with a final score of 121-56. I’d jokingly predicted to Amanda that the score would be 110-52. They shot over 85% on threes and free throws and played lots of rotation. Importantly, Lance Thomas had a good game and Zounek showed some goodness but he did foul out. The post is the big worry for the season, but since Lance Thomas did well and Zoubek is showing improvement, hopefully it won’t be too large an issue.

Amanda and I watched South Park (about Guitar Hero) and Supernatural (an episode with a good bit of humour I thought, and there was a Duke reference) and Friday Night Lights.  For the heck of it I’m watching Eragon right now. It’s been on HBO channels a bit lately and nothing else was on, so….

Harvey peed inside twice tonight. Once was upstairs shortly after Amanda had vacuumed and another was downstairs on the hardwood for some troubling reason. And he’s been so good.

Zach Dotsey