Cleaned up a bit this morning.  Amanda worked on making a dessert, but it didn’t turn out.  I played some Guitar Hero II.
Earl and Peggy Lemons, Amanda’s grandparents, came by.  Amanda and her grandma went Christmas shopping while Earl and I watched the NC State-Carolina football game.  Michael came by after he got off work and the three of us went to Subway for lunch.  Michael tripped over a bar on the table and almost fell over.  Nobody in the store really much looked or laughed or anything, which was odd considering how small a restaurant it is.  He dropped his cup and it skidded a few feet, but the lid, amazingly, didn’t come off.

We went back and watched the rest of the game.  State kept trying to throw it away.  Carolina had two touchdowns on interceptions near State’s end zone.  One was run back ninety-two yards for a touchdown.  But State ended up winning.

After the game Earl wanted to go to Sears to talk to them about some part or something.  Neither Michael nor I wanted to ride all the way to the mall for that so we stuck around the house and Michael let me play Call of Duty 4.  I played the single player.  The graphics are really nice.
The ladies came back then left for the Frazelle’s while Michael and I waited on Earl to get back then headed over with him.  We were there to celebrate Earl Lemon’s and Barry Frazelle’s birthdays, both of which are within the next week.

Michael and I (mostly Michael, but I did help) beat up on Kirsten.  Hannah wasn’t feel well so we left her alone.  Anna made chicken skewers and corn on the cob for dinner, then Amanda had bought a cake from Lowe’s for dessert, as the thing she was fixing hadn’t turned out.

We hung out there for a while then came on home.  Amanda and I were both really tired for some reason.

Zach Dotsey