Church, out to eat at Sweet and Savory for breakfast with Kyle and Lorin Van Zandt, Kyle friend from Winston-Salem, David, and Nick and Amy Warkentien, a couple I’ve worked with in production.  He does sound, she does a camera.  Afterwards all but the Warkentiens stopped by the church building site.  It’s coming right along.

Back home Amanda and I decided to reorganize the office a bit, which lead me to move it down to the orange room, Michael’s former room.  We talked about doing it at some point anyway, mainly because when we do get around to having a kid we’ll want to have the baby stuff in the room that was the office so we won’t have to get up and go downstairs constantly in the middle of the night.  I know that when Brian and Angela lived here they actually moved into what is now our guest room and used the orange room as the baby’s room.  We want to stay upstairs.  The closet is just too big to give up.

Another reason I decided to go ahead and move it all down is that it would help me clean up the area better.  If I was moving everything it would force me to do more than just move piles of stuff.

All of that moving was actually prompted by Amanda wanting to rearrange the living room a little.  We moved the cupboard with all the plates in it to just behind the couch, which gave us room to turn the kitchen table around a bit and clear up some space in the kitchen.  It also made us shift the long couch a little closer to the TV, freeing up a lot of walking space behind it.  The living room area looks a little bit smaller now, but overall everything looks more spacious.  We’re thinking of putting the Christmas tree in the corner area between the couches this year.

While I was setting the office back up (I am particular about that sort of thing and told Amanda she didn’t have to help me with that) Amanda was hanging up pictures.  She had to go out for a bit to get some nails/brackets and used a Pier One gift card we’d found in the office that just happened to have some money on it.  She bought a wall candle holder with it.  We also moved the model ship my parents got us for Christmas to sit on the coat rack by the door.  We put some shells around it and also added an old camera I got from Pup Pup’s house.

That was most of our day- shifting things around and such.  We watched a bit of TV to unwind then Amanda went to bed.  I had hooked the cable to the desktop through a TV card I got a while back.  I hadn’t been using it in the office upstairs because I didn’t have a good way to stretch the cable wire to it.  It’s a pretty decent setup now.

I got on Halo 3 for a bit, but I wasn’t doing well and nobody from my friends list was on, so I went back to the office and played Civ IV while watching some football.  I’m going to lose my fantasy football game this week unless Bobby Engram scores as much as he ever has this season, which isn’t likely.  I played Drew Drees this week over Donovan McNabb, and of course McNabb had a good week because of it.  I’d have won if I’d played him.

Zach Dotsey