Harvey slept in the bed for the first time a bit last night. He snuck up there while I was messing with the computer and snuggled up with Amanda. He stayed up there until he started getting fidgety. Amanda called me up to take him downstairs. Tonight he’s up there again, at least until I go to bed.

My dad called first thing today to let me know that I’d received a jury summons.  Only thing is, as he told them when he faxed it back, was that I haven’t lived in Durham County for eight years.  Is that right?  Yeah, I guess that is about right.  Anyway, he faced the form over to me since the instructions said that if you were no longer a Durham County resident they just needed the form faxed back to them along with a copy of your driver’s license.  That’s the second time in my twenty-nine years I’ve gotten a jury summons.  The first was when I was in college.  They wanted me during exam time.  Needless to say, that was easy enough to get out of.  I have nothing against being summoned though. I hear it’s a pain, but I guess it’s something everyone should experience at some point.

I really need to get moving on having Amanda and myself registered to vote in New Hanover County.

I had a meeting with a client this morning at Atlanta Bread. She seems like a pretty cool lady- very energetic. She’s friends with a few of our other clients too. On my way out of there I just happened to bump into Kyle Van Zandt, who just happened to stop by there to use the bathroom on the way to meeting Lorin. His friend Dave, whom I met yesterday, was with him.

Work work work.

Amanda made enchiladas for dinner. She accidentally picked up cream corn instead of regular corn, but aside from them being a little more runny that usual it didn’t really seem to make much of a difference.

All day today I was very excited about one thing- the first televised Duke game of the season. It was against New Mexico State, last year’s WAC champs. (Western Athletic Conference?) Overall the team played well, although they seemed to let up on the intensity for a spell in the second half. Paulus looked pretty good tonight with a number of stats and Scheyer scored a team high of 22 points. Even Zoubek looked alright. Not great, but definitely improved. NMSU was a good matchup for Duke too, because they have a couple of good interior guys, which is supposed to be Duke’s weak point this year. The final score was 86-61. I was really hoping for a 30 point win, but oh well.

We watched How I Met Your Mother during halftime and I was able to catch up with the game before it ended thanks to the magic of the DVR. After that we watched The Big Bang Theory, also DVRed. Those two shows are the only two traditional sitcoms we watch. Amanda was tired after that, about 9:30, so I guess we’ll catch Heroes tomorrow night.

I played some Civ IV (been back on that kick lately). We need to get a couch in the office because during the day the boys (Bruce and Harvey) want to hang out near me, but there’s nothing very comfortable for them in here. Today Harvey sat curled up on the floor behind me and Bruce crawled into the crate and buried himself in some blankets.

My mom called today. She’s working with a group who has started up a non-profit and wanted to get some information about creating a website. She was down in Charlotte helping Andra take care of Jackson, who is sick, and lending some moral support for Andra, who had a worry about her pregnancy. Hopefully it was nothing- I haven’t yet heard back.

Zach Dotsey